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Business 360 For Financial Services Firms

A holistic 360-degree view of the enterprise enhances a firm’s ability to respond to growth opportunities and address challenges in an agile manner


Financial services organisations have long recognised that maintaining a complete, accurate, and current view of their distributed enterprise data can transform the way business units within the organisation collaborate, compete, serve clients, and make decisions.

Becoming a data-led organisation, however, is often far more complicated than business leaders expect, and delivering the right data to support critical business needs is becoming increasingly challenging.

InterSystems® makes the shift to a digital, data-driven approach possible by enabling business leaders and their teams to take full advantage of a 360-degree view of enterprise data, delivering a wide range of benefits, including improved decision support, better compliance, stronger risk management, increased revenue generation, enhanced operational resilience, and accelerated innovation.

The solution uses a new, innovative architectural approach, the smart data fabric, which provides an overarching and nondisruptive layer that connects and accesses information from source systems on demand. The solution is ideal for complex data environments and eliminates delays which lead to errors, missed opportunities, and decisions based on stale or incomplete data.

InterSystems technology is used in production applications by most of the top global banks, as well as by mid-tier banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations around the world.