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Customer 360 for Financial Services Firms

An accurate and current 360-degree view of the customer is essential for financial organizations to compete and win in today’s economy


The growing number of customers, the rapid increase in the amount of customer data being generated, and the dispersion of customer data across a wide variety of applications and data silos make it difficult for organizations to develop and maintain a complete, accurate, and current 360-degree view of every customer, including every interaction and channel.

InterSystems makes it faster and easier for financial services organizations to create and maintain a complete 360-degree view of the customer, delivering a wide range of benefits, including improved customer experience, increased revenue, reduced churn, and higher operational efficiencies.

Our next-generation approach to Customer 360, leveraging a smart data fabric, is providing financial services organizations of all sizes and in all sectors with a better, faster, and easier way to deliver benefits to the business.

InterSystems technology is used in production applications by most of the top global banks, as well as by mid-tier banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations around the world.