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Data, Speed and Trading: Modernizing capital markets infrastructure

Markets have always revolved around data. As computing becomes more ubiquitous, however, both the markets and their data expand exponentially. The explosion in data taxes firms’ infrastructure as they acquire, aggregate and analyze it. In addition, as competition increases, the demand to directly trade off the information is compressing decision times. Firms have more pre-trade data to process and analyze, in shorter decision cycles, and in turn, the resulting information is driving the increased frequency of trading and complexity of transaction processing. This is straining virtually all firms’ front-, middle- and back-office infrastructures, and costs are spiraling out of control.

Join us for an interactive webinar featuring TABB Group Founder and Research Chairman, Larry Tabb to discuss speed, capital markets infrastructure and how firms can leverage new technologies to process and analyze data faster, increase throughput, lower costs, and shorten the time to success.

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