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Harnessing the power of wealth management data 

How to Manage Data Risk and Stay Compliant in a Fast-changing Environment

The key to success for wealth management in the digital-first world is access, accuracy and the security of data. Wealth managers needs real-time access to secure, consolidated and accurate data to provide timely and informed analyses for their clients. 

New fintechs are offering close to real-time data, coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers wealth managers across banks and other financial advisory services to become even more competitive in the market while reducing cost. Data analytics, AI and automation are transforming wealth management by reading market movements at both a micro and macro level, and ultimately, better serving clients with personalised financial products. 

This is where a data fabric can help prepare you now and into the future. Many companies use data warehouses, which are central repositories of data that have been optimised for specific purposes. Others may rely on data lakes, where data is stored in its raw form and accessed when needed.  

Data fabrics have emerged as a much-needed architectural approach to providing accurate visibility across the entire business, without the problems associated with data warehouses and data lakes. Data fabrics can transform and harmonise data from multiple sources on demand to make it usable and actionable. Smart data fabrics take the approach a step further by incorporating a wide range of analytics capabilities, including data exploration, business intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning that enable organisations to gain new insights and power intelligent prescriptive services and applications. 

For more information about how to implement an enterprise data fabric to support wealth management across a wide range of real-time, data analytics-intensive business initiatives with less effort and faster time to valuetalk to us today. 

Seamless installation without rip and replace

InterSystems IRIS technology can operate concurrently with your existing systems, and fills operational and process gaps, so there’s no need for an overhaul of your current platform. You don’t have to rip and replace to achieve efficiency, gain speed and have reliable performance that can provide up to a 75 per cent reduction in IT operational costs. 

Gain speed, agility and scalability of data

InterSystems is the leading provider of technology for developing critical data solutions. The InterSystems cloud-first data platform helps the world’s most successful institutions meet their toughest interoperability, speed, and scalability challenges, including processing 15 per cent of worldwide stock transactions and managing over one billion patient healthcare records every day. 

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