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Institutional Client 360 for Financial Services Firms

InterSystems Institutional Client 360 provides the critical insights required to retain, support, and grow your institutional client base


Complex global clients, increasing competitive intensity, heightened client service expectations, and the dispersion of client data across a wide variety of applications and data silos are making it difficult for financial services organizations to develop, maintain, and fully leverage a complete and current 360-degree understanding of each institutional client.

InterSystems enables financial services firms to deepen their institutional relationships and grow revenue by providing access to all customer activity and information from both inside and outside the organization. Armed with these insights, firms can proactively anticipate clients’ needs, quickly respond to emerging opportunities and issues, and provide a differentiated, high-value, hyper-personalized experience.

The solution uses a new, innovative architectural approach, the smart data fabric, which provides an overarching and nondisruptive layer that connects and accesses information from source systems on demand. The solution is ideal for complex data environments and eliminates delays that can lead to errors, missed opportunities, and decisions based on stale or incomplete data.

InterSystems technology is used in production applications by most of the top global banks, as well as by mid-tier banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations around the world.