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Webinar: Leveraging Modern Technology and Architecture to Unlock the Transformational Power of Data

Leveraging Modern Technology and Architecture to Unlock the Transformational Power of Data

End-to-end Enterprise Data Strategy for Broadridge

Register here to watch the full webinar for free by Jitendra Lulla, VP and Innovation Architect at Broadridge Financial Solutions.

This article was first published on the InterSystems global website and can be accessed from here.

Broadridge Financial Solutions spun out of ADP in 2007 to become one of the largest financial technology firms in the country. Over the past two years, Jitendra Lulla (Jittu), VP, Innovation Architect, Broadridge Financial Solutions has been involved in building a cloud-based architecture for Wealth America’s Management platform, a strategic initiative at Broadridge, which integrates data from over 40 disparate internal, client, and vendor applications. Jittu understood that delivering a resilient, scalable solution for an integrated experience with straight-through processing capabilities requires a shift from legacy monolithic applications to a modern data architecture. Success hinges on a strategy that eliminates data loss, minimizes latencies, and enables data governance while providing access to accurate and timely data. With the help of InterSystems IRIS® data platform, Broadridge developed a flexible, best-in-class data architecture to keep up with its challenging and evolving requirements.

In a recent webinar presentation, Jittu discussed how Broadridge developed an end-to-end enterprise data solution that facilitates seamless access to data. With the understanding that there is no one solution or single form of data, Broadridge made use of modern technology to implement an intelligent, persistent, horizontally scalable data layer to integrate, harmonize, and analyze the data for use by the business, with a simpler architecture and lower total cost of ownership than competing approaches. Through its partnership with InterSystems, Broadridge is able to harness the power of data with superior quality, consistency, usability, and availability.

Watch the webinar to learn more about Broadridge’s approach to delivering next-generation intelligent solutions to top tier financial services companies around the world.

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