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How CXOs can use data to turn their organisations into market leaders

There is a lot of power in data for financial service companies, and this power is still largely untapped. CXOs in financial services are only just beginning to navigate the new data terrain. What may be considered cutting edge now for financial services products, may seem rudimentary soon.

The power of customer data for financial services companies allows hyper-personalisation of products. However, this comes with great regulatory responsibility, so CXOs need to lead the way in managing data in a responsible and ethical way.

Data drives artificial intelligence (AI), which is rapidly growing in the financial services sector. Poor data results in gaps in AI that flow through to the customer experience. Financial services CXOs who create a data-led culture in their workplace and bring data silos together through an enterprise-wide data fabric, are the ones who will succeed.

A report titled The Data Ready FSI published from the roundtable explores concepts such as:

  • how organisations can move from ‘data-generating’ to ‘data-powered’
  • responsible AI
  • resilience in action
  • integrating data for new revenue streams
  • the next wave of customer experience.

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The dataready FSI: the CXO’s imperative

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